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Terms of Service / Warranty Info

Installation/Labor Warranty:


4a Flooring Labor Warranty covers installations for one full year from the date of job completion and acknowledgement of final invoice.  

4a Flooring only warrants installations involving product or materials purchased  through the company.


No warranty work will be performed until all balances are paid in full for services rendered.


We offer no warranty on stone, granite, or marble products whatsoever as these are all naturally occurring materials. 

It is the customer’s responsibility to go over the scope of work with a member of 4a Flooring and review quote before agreement is  acknowledged to make sure every area is covered and listed.


4a Flooring reserves the right to refuse work without additional payment in full for work that is not specifically outlined in line items or scope of work with our customers.

The customer must verify that the selected material or product  is being installed before our installers begin the installation. Once installed it is considered the correct material or product  in any amount installed.

Flooring Products/ Material Warranty: 


4a Flooring does not warranty any defects in products sold or materials installed. 

All product material warranties come from the manufacturer of that product itself.  It is up to each customer to do their own research and check to make sure that before they buy and install or have a product installed that they fully understand the manufacturer’s warranty from the product they are buying. 

If a manufacturer does not offer or display a warranty on their website or offer one inside the box or packaging the material comes in then that product has no warranty.  The customer should print and read all warranty’s from the product manufacturer's website. 

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